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Garbage truck drivers and work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Those who make a living driving garbage trucks encounter many hazards on a daily basis. As if the physical nature of this profession is not demanding enough, potentially leading to repetitive stress injuries, back injuries and other hardships, these workers also find themselves near traffic throughout the day. Some garbage truck workers are seriously injured as a result of careless drivers and many have lost their lives. It is imperative for those who work in this field to explore their legal options following an accident.

There are many different ways in which garbage truck drivers are injured in motor vehicle collisions. Sometimes, they are involved in head-on collisions with other vehicles. Also, some are struck by a vehicle while getting out of their truck to pick up garbage or take care of some other task. As with many other fields, repetitive stress causes many garbage truck drivers to lose the ability to work. Bending over frequently, lifting heavy objects and even spending many hours behind the wheel can all contribute to repetitive strain.

Regardless of the way in which a garbage truck driver is injured, it is imperative for workers in this position to look closely at their options in terms of recovering. Workers’ compensation benefits help many garbage truck drivers going through these challenges and our law office understands the physical, financial and even emotional difficulties that injured workers have to deal with. It is crucial for those who believe they are eligible for workers’ comp to apply in a timely manner and approach the process properly. Our site discusses this topic in more detail.