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Long hours and the risk of a workplace accident

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Work-related accidents occur are especially likely to occur because of fatigue and those employed in any field face different hardships when they work long hours. For example, some have difficulty concentrating on their tasks and are more likely to make a critical error. When a worker struggles with high levels of fatigue, the chances of them injuring their body due to a misstep are greater. For example, a very tired worker has a higher chance of taking a wrong step and falling down or overlooking a hazard that they would normally avoid.

In certain fields, such as occupations that involve driving, working with heavy machinery or working in high places, fatigue is especially concerning. Tired truck drivers are more likely to become involved in a collision, while construction workers suffering from fatigue have a higher chance of falling off of a roof or injuring themselves while using certain types of equipment. Not only do these injuries cause a significant amount of pain, but they also pose serious questions with respect to one’s future.

Many injured workers cannot stay in the same field due to physical challenges after an accident. Unfortunately, finding suitable work is often tough for many of these people, especially if they lack access to career resources that help them move on in life. Workers’ compensation assists with job training and other career challenges posed by job-related accidents. Moreover, workers’ comp benefits are a lifeline in terms of the financial consequences of workplace accidents (such as lost wages and medical costs). Visit our workers’ comp section to read more.