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How are benefits for lost wages paid?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

After a work injury, you may be unable to return, which will leave you needing some form of wage replacement. Workers’ compensation does offer pay for lost wages, but this payment has strict requirements and rules that may mean you do not qualify for this type of benefit. 

According to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, you will not receive the same amount of benefits as you would in a normal paycheck, and you cannot receive these benefits until you pass the waiting period. 

Time requirement 

You must miss at least three days of work before you can claim lost wage benefits. You will not receive pay for those first three missed days unless you miss a total of 14 days from work. After the 14th day, you will get payment for the first three days of your benefits. 

Amount of benefits 

The state sets limits on how much workers’ compensation can pay you for lost wages. You can only get an amount that is up to 75% of your normal wages. The number of dependents you have will also affect the amount your receive. Do note that there are no taxes withheld from your benefits because they are not taxable as disability benefits under IRS rules. 

Receiving payment 

Once you miss three days from work, you will begin receiving benefits in about 14 days. You will have to ensure the department receives doctor certification that you cannot work. You must also submit a Worker Verification Form. If you provide the proper documentation, you will receive checks two times a month.