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Helping In The Aftermath Of A Serious Injury

Accidents cause injuries that can change your life forever. Your normal way of life — from working, to daily activities and enjoying sports and hobbies — could be suddenly disrupted. When the injuries are catastrophic, families and friends are also impacted.

With more than 40 years of personal injury experience, Harpold Thomas, PC, can help when you or a loved one suffers a severe and catastrophic injury. We are there to provide legal assistance when our clients need it most. Our Kent serious injury lawyers represent all injured clients throughout Seattle, South King County and North Pierce County.

Catastrophic injuries can be caused by negligence involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, firearms, construction sites and many other circumstances. At our firm, we know the physical, financial and emotional effects of serious injuries. Our priority is to obtain fair and prompt compensation for injury victims.

Common Severe Injuries That Result From Accidents

We have experience representing clients with injuries, including:

  • Head and brain injuries: Any major force that impacts the brain can cause neurological impairment, memory loss, headache or permanent disability resulting from a brain injury.
  • Permanent disabilities: A spinal cord injury, vertebral fracture or other back injury can result in partial paralysis or complete paralysis. These conditions could end your career or require medical treatment for life.
  • Movement disorders: Severe trauma could result in debilitating movement disorders such as dystonia or spasmodic torticollis. There are no cures and the only care available is symptom management.
  • Other catastrophic injuries include fractures, burns, back injuries, disk injuries, amputation or loss of sight.

Catastrophic injuries can mean medical care now and into the future. We will help make sure you receive the care you need while seeking coverage for your costs, and compensation for work time lost and other damages.

We will thoroughly prepare your case and help you get what you deserve through settlement or trial.

Talk To Us About Serious Head And Other Catastrophic Injuries

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